The Parable of the Sock

Have you ever tried to put on long socks or tights without first gathering the knit and queuing up the toe?  If so, you'll know that it requires a lot of yanking and shoving and pushing and pulling.  The struggle-worn garment rarely fits correctly.  And there is likely a hole, or some other breach, waiting to happen as a result of the ordeal.

The purest fact is that it pays to prepare and do something right the first time.  A proactive approach preserves your resources and rewards you with both comfort and longevity.

What's true for a sock is true for a brand.  A well-developed, proactive message with strategic buy-in from all stakeholders, will serve markets well, weather any storm, and deliver positive residuals indefinitely.  The inverse is true for reactive and divergent communications.  A brand diluted is a brand defeated.

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Melissa Thompson Currier


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